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When the hot blonde runs away from home the whole neighborhood is on the lookout cause her mom is calling everyone.
That includes a big black cock guy.
His daughter happens to be friends with hot blonde so he is of course alerted and asked to be on the lookout for the runaway teen.
It’s a quiet weekend with his wife and daughter out of town so Mr. Slayher assures the upset mother he would let her know if he found out anything.

Coming back from the store boyfriend happens to find a hot blonde walking along and pulls over to see how she is doing.

A dumb little teen has been sleeping in the park.
Well, this will just not do so his boyfriend tells her to hop in the car and promises not to take her back to her mom’s house cause no 18 year old wants to get yelled at.
Now relaxed and safe boyfriend tries to have a sit-down and talk some sense into the hot blonde but it’s obvious from the get-go that this little tart only has one thing on her mind – black cock.
She explains to him how horny an 18-year-old pussy can get.
All mushy and wet and gurgling about needing to be fed.
A hungry pussy is a needy pussy and the boyfriend quickly assesses what must be done.
He pulls out his massive black mamba pole and the teen immediately gobbles it down.
Poor thing must have really been hungry.
He will do his best to get this runaway teen’s belly full again.
That would be with BBC inserted balls deep from the pussy on up.
Soon the hot blonde is writhing around in ecstasy with that massive manhole splitting her wide open and stretching her baby breeder to new proportions.
Slammed and jammed all over that bed this fucktoy is having the time of her life and gets rewarded with a massive dollop of cock snot in her mouth.
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Now she can go home fulfilled.
See it does take a village to raise a whore.

Date: octombrie 1, 2021

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