Threresome interracial with two very hot blonde.


When hot blonde Stepmom Cory Chase decides to join her stepdaughter and his boyfriend for a movie-watching event all types of naughtiness break out.

Bored with the movie, Cory soon falls asleep.

Hot blonde Chloe Temple decides to suck on her boyfriend’s cock while her stepmom slumbers.

But the slightest sound of cock bubbles on a stiff rod awakens Cory from her nap and she watches as her stepdaughter suckles that sweet thick dark chocolate love wand.
Hot blonde Stepmom Cory Chase starts diddling her snatch and Isiah notices her.
He tries to warn Chloe Temple that her stepmom may be awake but Chloe ignores it.
Soon she finds herself caught with the meat in her mouth eyeball to eyeball with her stepmom.
Cory starts encouraging young Chloe to keep on doing what she is doing and soon starts helping out.
First holding the big black cock then sucking it.
Soon Isiah is fucking hot blonde Chloe and her stepmom all over the living room.
This kinky ass shit is getting his cock rock hard and he takes full advantage of the situation to tap all the white pussy he can.
The girls are happier than pigs in mud and squeal and moan all over the place.
Finally, after some tubetastic pounding, they are rewarded with a massive double facial of baby batter

Date: septembrie 26, 2021

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