Alice Marie -The Baby Sitters Fantasy.


Alice Marie -The Baby Sitters Fantasy.

„My wife can barely stand to make a simple sandwich.”
Welcome to married life dude.
Luckily you have Alice Marie, the world’s best babysitter, working for you.
She loves taking care of your child.
She always looks great and even cleaned the house.
On top of all of that she’s even baking cookies. From scratch.
You love the way the house smells as the cookies bake.
Alice Marie shows you how to prepare the cookie dough for baking but you can’t keep your eyes off of her.
Here’s a newsflash dude: she’s totally into you and the whole housewife bit.
But today isn’t about making cookies.
Today is about finally tapping that sweet babysitter’s ass.
And you do it in the following ways: blowjob, standing missionary, cowgirl, reverser cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, and sidewys sex.
Alice’s work day comes to an end when he gives her a facial.
Dude…time to ditch the wife and upgrade to Alice.

Date: iulie 12, 2022
Actors: Alice Marie

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