Ana Foxxx And Alexia Anders Miss Santa Needs Sugar.

Ana Foxxx And Alexia Anders Miss Santa Needs Sugar. Alexia Anders and her sugar daddies are settling in for a nice Christmas and gifts are exchanged. Bodily fluids are also exchanged… They have a warm fuzzy threesome which ends with Alexia receiving a creampie. Drifting off to sleep they are unaware of the three strangers about to enter the house. Why…it’s Miss Santa, Elf Foxxx, and Damon..the Grumpy Reindeer. Convinced it’s a burglary Alexia wakes the sugar daddies with the „chicken alarm”….just trust me on this. Miss Santa explains that clumsy Elf Foxxx lost all of the Christmas presents over the Pacific Ocean. She has come to this house to collect „sugar” from the daddies to save Christmas. Is this „sugar” cum? Money? NFT’s? I am dunno. She just needs sugar. And so, in the true spirit of Christmas, everyone rallies together and contributes the following: blowjob, cowgirl, doggy style, standing doggy style, sideways, reverse cowgirl, and missionary sex. To keep the „sugar” from getting stale they all swap partners. Miss Santa receives a „sugar delivery” on her face from both daddies and the grumpy reindeer. Yay! Christmas is saved! Or maybe not…cuz Alexia Anders and Ana seem insistent on licking the cum off of Miss Santa’s face. No matter…Christmas is saved!
Date: martie 1, 2022
Actors: Alexia Anders

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