APRIL ONEIL – FOUR EYED FLOOZY. At approximately 10am Friday morning, a woman was sitting at a coffee shop talking to her boyfriend on her cellphone when she noticed a man staring at her cleavage. It seems the woman had a low cut top on which revealed much of her nice natural rack. Annoyed by the man’s constant gawking at her, she finally told her boyfriend to hold on, and came up to the man’s table. „DOES YOUR CELLPHONE HAVE A CAMERA?” She asked the man to take out his cellphone, then she bent over and shoved her cleavage directly in front of his phone. „Take a picture of this,” she said. The man snapped the photo, then she told him to stare at the photo and stop staring at her. She returned to her table. The man suddenly got up and walked over to her and apologized for staring. He explained that he ran a web site called „TopHeavyTarts.com” and actually asked her if she would pose for it. „YOU DON’T MIND?” The woman said no, but the man asked her to ask her boyfriend, guessing that the dude would be thrilled to know that other men would see his girlfriend, and knowing that they could never have what he had. „COME TO MY STUDIO” The man invited the woman to his „studio.” Later she showed up and he got her to take off her dress, leaving her topless. He marveled at her natural mammaries. He took several photos of her, then he asked her to remove her glasses. „I’M BLIND AS A BAT WITHOUT THEM” The man told her to pose facing the wall. Suddenly she heard him breathing heavily. She asked if he was okay, and he said he had a slight case of asthma. He told her to keep staring at the wall. Unbeknownst to her, the man had whipped out his pecker and was masturbating to the site of her. She suddenly turned around and saw him, but because she was couldn’t see without her glasses, all she could see was a blurry image of his hand waving around. She asked him what he was doing, and he said he was swatting a fly. „DO YOU NEED A HAND?” She reached for her glasses, offering to help with the „swatting” but then realized that the man was actually stroking his penis in front of her. She freaked out, but the man assured her this was quite normal, that photographers often used their own penis as a test to see if a model was „hot!” The woman bought this, and was intrigued at just how hard the man had gotten looking at her. When he suggested she feel how hard it was, she complied, and suddenly the man pushed his prick towards her face, and her lips willingly parted and took his huge shaft down her throat. „JUST DON’T TELL MY BOYFRIEND” The woman sucked on the man’s tool, then he laid down and she crawled between his legs and continued sucking his shaft. He told her to get up and sit on his dick which she happily did. Up and down her cute little tush bounced on his cock while she laughed with glee at how good it felt. They fucked in several positions, and finally, the man laid her down and shot a huge load of sperm all over her specs. She got up, cleaned off her glasses and went home to her boyfriend.
Date: iulie 25, 2022
Actors: April O'Neil

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