Asian Nicole Doshi Blesses Us With Her Amazing Ass.

Asian Nicole Doshi Blesses Us With Her Amazing Ass. Beautiful powerhouse Nicole Doshi brings her unique style of “sexual ambrosia” in this scene from Pink is the color of the day for Nicole Doshi. She’s adorned in intricate strapping and matching pumps (she wears the pumps like tennis shoes, effortlessly prancing and fucking with them on for nearly the entire scene) that fit the special starlet perfectly. The slick performer’s hard body is the star but she’s also very adept at churning out timely sex talk. You’ll hear her utter things like “I’m going to be daddy’s little fuck toy today” or “I want to be a good cum slut for you”. Nicole Doshi and Zac Wild spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. Nicole Doshi delivers an upside-down slobber-infused cock suck. The uber charmer moves to standing doggy, bracing herself on the island. Her arching back and primo ass flow into her thighs and those aforementioned pumps. Quite a sight. Next, Nicole Doshi warms up her asshole with a couple of dildos. She pops one out of her ass and laughs as it falls to the floor… Wild proceeds to fuck her ass. Doshi partakes in some ass to mouth. “tastes so good, like a candy” she says to the camera. When finally on the couch Nicoli Doshi continues the anal romp. She’s in a reverse cow with sky-high split legs. “So much fun, I love it!”. And you believe her. The first-rate performance concludes with her smiling brightly and bouncing for the “naughty nectar” that she takes to her pretty face
Date: aprilie 6, 2022
Actors: Nicole Doshi

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