Asian spinner Ember Snow in Dirty Intentions 20


Asian spinner Ember Snow in Dirty Intentions 20

The dark-haired Asian spinner Ember Snow loves a man who can do both: shred the guitar and please the pussy.
It seems Small Hands is the perfect candidate for her.
He first captures her heart with his beautiful melodies, but soon makes her wet with his smooth talk.
Asian spinner Ember Rose gets her hands on Small’s guitar and surprises him with her skill.
Suddenly, she’s hot and wants to take off some clothes.
Small has a harder time keeping his eyes on the string instrument, amazed by Ember’s cute tits.
It doesn’t take too long before the girl is on her knees, lips around the guitarist’s cock.
Thanks to Small’s steady pounding, Ember’s moans fill the soundproof studio.
Her performance is eye candy AND ear candy.

Date: decembrie 12, 2022
Actors: Ember Snow

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