Autumn Falls Beautiful 18 Year Old Maid Gets Fucked.


Autumn Falls Beautiful 18-Year-Old Maid Gets Fucked.

I love it when the cleaning service sends me a hot maid. I especially love getting them to fuck me. This week, they sent over this super hot 18-year-old maid, with a massing pair of tits. The moment I saw her I knew I had to work hard for this one. Everything was normal at first, then I asked her to clean my crib in just her bra and panties for an extra hundred bucks. She denied and I thought this would be one of my failed attempts. But the problem was not that she wasn’t down, it was all a matter of money. As I offered her more money the idea seemed to slowly become a reality in her mind. Eventually, she agreed, and soon after that I had her cleaning my house completely naked. From there all I had to do was surprise her by pulling my cock out. I got the chance to fuck my hot maid’s pussy all over my living room. Stretching it with every stroke. Finally, I busted all over her face right before telling her to finish cleaning my spot.

Date: mai 24, 2022
Actors: Autumn Falls

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