Black Beauty Brianna Moore Take A Ride!


Black Beauty Brianna Moore Take A Ride!

Big man, big nerves!
Garret Valliere’s here to make his first porn and he’s feeling both excited and a little nervous!
When he found out he was paired with black beauty Brianna Moore, he had to admit that his nerves got a little more intense.
He has been watching some of her HotGuysFuck scenes after all!
Garret comes out soft but that changes faster than Brianna can get her mouth on it!
Garret takes control at first, clapping cheeks from the back before putting Brianna on her back so he can get a full view of her banging body!
Some fans already know, but Brianna loves to do her part when she’s fucking.
After Garret has some of his own fun, she puts him down on the floor for her signature move!
Brianna hops on that dick and immediately has Garret struggling not to bust!
Can Garret hold on and keep fucking after the ride?!

Date: februarie 14, 2023
Actors: Brianna Moore

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