Blacked Purple Bitch – VIP Service.


Blacked Purple Bitch – VIP Service.

We start with some story scenes which eventually lead to Purple deciding she is going to seduce one of the guests at the hotel and she turns up to his room in some sexy underwear, this obviously works and they start making out and he helps undress her, she helps him undress also before he goes down on her. Purple then returns the favour giving him a blowjob while laying on the bed.
Now the real action starts with Purple being fucked sideway before moving onto doggy with her facing into a mirror which gives us a great view from both behind and in front of her at the same time, they then move through prone bone, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl with the odd breaks for more oral action.
The final part of the scene has Purple being fucked in missionary before the guys pulls out and cums on her pussy, they fuck a little more and then the scene ends with them making out.

Date: mai 8, 2022
Actors: Purple Bitch

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