BlackedRAW – Molly Little – Magic Hour


Unveiling The Magic Hour: A Review of Molly Little & Anton Harden’s Latest Video on

Are you looking for a new steamy porn video to watch? Look no further than Their latest release porn movie, „Magic Hour,” showcases the talents of Molly Little and Anton Harden in a sensual encounter that will leave you breathless.

BlackedRAW - Molly Little - Magic Hour
BlackedRAW – Molly Little – Magic Hour

The Video

„Magic Hour” is a stunningly shot porn video that highlights the beauty and eroticism of two people coming together. The video opens with shots of Molly Little lounging on a balcony overlooking the city at sunset. With her toned body and long blonde hair cascading down her back, she exudes confidence and sensuality. As the camera pans out, we see Anton Harden approach her from behind, his muscular body glistening in the fading light.

The two engage in some playful banter before moving inside to continue their sensual encounter. What follows is a series of beautifully shot sex scenes that showcase the talents of both performers. From doggy style to reverse cowgirl, they explore different sex positions with ease and enthusiasm.

One sex scene that stands out is when Anton lays on his back while Molly straddles him in a reverse cowgirl position. With his hands gripping her hips, she leans forward to kiss him as they move together in perfect harmony. The chemistry between them is palpable as they explore each other’s bodies with abandon.

The Positions

Video Scenes with Position Description

The porn movie comprises four scenes, each showcasing different sex positions that are sure to leave viewers feeling satisfied.

Scene One: Doggy Style (Duration – 15 Minutes)

The first sex scene features Molly Little on all fours while Anton Harden enters her from behind in a classic doggy-style position. As things heat up between them, they switch things up by transitioning into a standing doggy-style position against a wall.

Scene Two: Cowgirl (Duration – 19 Minutes)

In this sex scene, Molly takes control as she straddles Anton’s lap in a cowgirl position. Her fluid movements combined with her seductive gaze make this scene one to remember.

Scene Three: Reverse Cowgirl (Duration – 21 Minutes)

The third sex scene sees Molly taking charge once again as she rides Anton in the reverse cowgirl position. Her tantalizing movements coupled with Anton’s moans of pleasure make this scene a must-watch.

Scene Four: Missionary (Duration – 23 Minutes)

In the final sex scene, the couple switches things up by transitioning into a classic missionary position. The intimacy and passion between them are palpable as they reach new heights of pleasure.

Release Date and Link

„Magic Hour” was released on on April 9th, 2023. To watch the porn video, visit their website at

The Stars

Molly Little is a rising star in the adult industry. With her toned body and stunning looks, she has quickly become a fan favorite. Molly got her start in the industry in 2019 and has since worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Her energetic performances and willingness to try new things have made her a highly sought-after performer.

Anton Harden is also an up-and-coming star in the industry. With his chiseled abs and muscular physique, he has quickly gained a following among fans of male performers. His ability to connect with his scene partners and provide satisfying performances has made him one to watch in the coming years.


„Magic Hour” is a beautiful porn movie that showcases two talented performers at their best. Molly Little and Anton Harden bring passion, energy, and sensuality to every scene, making it a must-watch for fans of erotic content. With its stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and variety of positions, „Magic Hour” is sure to please even the most discerning viewer.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to today to check out „Magic Hour” for yourself! 🍿🔥

Date: aprilie 12, 2023
Actors: Molly Little

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