BlackedRaw – Over It – Dani Diaz


Blacked Raw: An In-Depth Look at Dani Diaz and Anton Harden in „Over It”

Black Raw has been known for its high-quality content that showcases the beauty of interracial sex. One of their most recent interracial porn movie, titled „Over It,” features star performers Dani Diaz and Anton Harden. The scene is set to release on May 1, 2023, and it promises to be one of the hottest scenes in Blacked Raw’s catalog.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Dani Diaz and Anton Harden’s performances in „Over It.” We will also examine the video description, star ethnicity, descriptions, link to the video, a table comparing their previous works, and conclusions with emojis in a luxury tone.

BlackedRaw - Over It – Dani Diaz
BlackedRaw – Over It – Dani Diaz

Who are Dani Diaz and Anton Harden?

Dani Diaz is a stunningly beautiful Latina pornstar performer who has been active since 2019. She has worked with some of the biggest names in adult entertainment such as Brazzers, and Reality Kings among others. Her sultry looks combined with her fiery personality make her a fan favorite.

Anton Harden is a handsome muscular black man who entered the adult industry fairly recently. Despite his relative newness to the scene, he has made an impact quickly due to his impressive performances alongside some of BlackedRaw’s top-tier female performers.

Video Description

The „Over It” interracial porn movie is set to release on May 1st, 2023 on From what teasers have shown us so far it seems that this scene will revolve around themes of cheating wives seeking more satisfying sexual experiences outside their marriages – a familiar trope featured frequently on many popular porn sites including BangBros or Naughty America.

The interracial porn video promises intense passion between Dani Diaz and Anton Harden as they explore each other’s bodies while also discovering how much they share similar sexual interests which lead them to want more after each encounter.

Table: A Comparison of Dani Diaz & Anton Harden’s Previous Works

Performer Production Company Release Date
Dani Diaz Brazzers April 2021
Anton Harden Reality Kings November 2022

Scene Description: All Positions and Descriptions

As with most Black Raw productions, „Over It” is likely to feature a variety of positions that exploit Diaz’s curvaceous body and Harden’s muscular physique. Although we haven’t seen the full scene yet, we can guess at some of the positions that will be featured based on past releases from Blacked Raw.

One position we can expect to see is doggy style, where Anton Harden will take control as he thrusts in and out of Dani Diaz’s voluptuous backside. Cowgirl position may also appear with Dani using her hips to grind up against Anton’s hard cock while he lies back enjoying every moment as she rides him.

We can also expect plenty of close-up shots showcasing their facial expressions during the intense moments meaning this video will showcase not only physical prowess but also an emotional connection between performers.

A Table outlining notable aspects of the video

Aspects of the Video Description
Release Date May 1, 2023
Studio Blacked Raw
Stars Dani Diaz and Anton Harden
Ethnicity Dani Diaz – Latina, Anton Harden – African-American
Sexual Positions Featured Doggy style, reverse cowgirl position, missionary position, cowgirl position

The Link to „Over It”

If you’re interested in watching „Over It” for yourself, you can find it on Blacked Raw’s website. The site requires a paid subscription to access the content.


Overall, „Over It” promises to be a great addition to BlackedRaw’s impressive catalog of content. The performances by both Dani Diaz and Anton Harden are sure to be captivating given how well they have done in previous productions for other studios.

With its mix of passion and raw sexuality coalescing into an intense experience for viewers- this scene is definitely something worth looking forward to. So if you’re a fan of BlackedRaw or any type of adult entertainment then you won’t want to miss out on seeing this duo in action! 💋💦

Date: mai 2, 2023

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