BlackedRaw Summer Col in Hot Summer


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If you are looking for an intense porn movie to watch, then BlackedRaw’s „Hot Summer” is definitely worth checking out. The movie features the stunning Summer Col and Anton Harden in a scorching sex scene that is sure to leave viewers breathless.

BlackedRaw Summer Col in Hot Summer
BlackedRaw Summer Col in Hot Summer


The porn movie begins with Summer arriving at a luxurious hotel in Los Angeles. She’s there for work, but she quickly realizes that she has some free time to explore the city. As she wanders around, she meets Anton, a handsome stranger who invites her to check out some local hotspots.

The two hit it off immediately and spend the day exploring the city together. However, as they spend more time together, their chemistry becomes undeniable. The tension builds until it finally explodes in a steamy sex scene that viewers won’t soon forget.

Video Description

The sex scene between Summer Col and Anton Harden is one of the most passionate that you will ever see. It starts with them kissing passionately before moving on to some intense foreplay.

Anton starts by kissing down Summer’s body before reaching her sweet spot where he uses his tongue to tease her clit while simultaneously fingering her tight pussy. You can see from her facial expressions how much she enjoys it before they switch positions.

Summer takes over by giving him an expert blowjob, taking him deep into her mouth as he groans with pleasure. Then they move on to some intense doggy-style action with Anton thrusting deeply into her while pulling on her hair from behind.

They finish off in missionary position with Anton pounding away while holding onto Summers’ hips as each orgasmic wave hits them both hard – it truly is an unforgettable scene!

Star Description

Summer Col is a gorgeous porn actress known for her stunning looks and captivating performances. She started working in the industry in 2018 and has quickly become one of the most sought-after stars in the business.

Summer has a stunning body with curves in all the right places, and her piercing blue eyes will leave you mesmerized. Her performances are always intense, and she knows how to connect with her co-stars on a deep level to create some truly memorable scenes.

Anton Harden is also a rising star in the porn industry. He has only been working for a few years but has already made quite an impact with his chiseled physique and intense performances. He’s definitely one to watch out for as he continues to make waves in the industry.

Sex Scene Description

The centerpiece of Hot Summer is undoubtedly its sex scenes. The chemistry between Summer Col and Anton Harden is electric from start to finish, making for some truly unforgettable moments.

One particularly memorable scene takes place outdoors as our protagonists take advantage of their surroundings for a passionate encounter. This scene features several different sex positions that showcase both actors’ impressive flexibility and stamina.

The scene begins with Anton performing cunnilingus on Summer while she stands against a tree. From there, they move into reverse cowgirl as she rides him while facing away from him. They then switch positions again to missionary before finishing off doggy style against another tree.

Overall, this scene highlights what makes Hot Summer such an incredible porn movie: its commitment to showcasing passionate sex that feels authentic and satisfying.


Star Summer Col & Anton Harden
Genre Erotic Drama
Director Jason Luv
Studio BlackedRaw
Release Date 2023

Where to Watch

Hot Summer is available for streaming exclusively on the BlackedRaw website.

BlackedRaw Website


Hot Summer is a must-watch for anyone looking for steamy summer entertainment. With its talented cast, engaging story, and unforgettable sex scenes, it’s easy to see why this film has quickly become one of the hottest releases of the year. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience it for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Overall, BlackedRaw’s „Hot Summer” is an erotic drama that delivers everything it promises. The chemistry between Summer Col and Anton Harden is palpable, and their sex scene is one of the hottest you’ll ever see.

If you’re looking for an intense movie that will leave you feeling satisfied, then this is definitely worth checking out. With stunning visuals, incredible performances, and plenty of passion, it’s easy to see why this movie has become so popular among fans of erotic cinema.

Date: aprilie 1, 2023
Actors: Summer Col

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