BlacksOnBlondes Samantha Reigns and Isiah Maxwell


BlacksOnBlondes Samantha Reigns and Isiah Maxwell

Samantha Reigns answered an add to enroll into a school to further her education in the sexual arts of becoming a porn star.
„Isiah Maxwell’s School For Future Gifted Porn Stars”.
Isiah is the Dean of this school and also is here to figure out what girls need to learn more of for girls future careers in porn.
Samantha Reigns came in super exited to pick her classes with Isiah.
So Samantha and Isiah got started on the chore of her try out to see what classes she needed.
Samantha sucked Isiah’s dick with lots of drool and was deep throating him like a champ.
Then Isiah proceeded to fuck Samantha as he was taking notes on what classes he could place her in.
Deep throating AP classes was a for sure class she qualified for.
Then she qualified for deep picking 101.
Then when Isiah finish off on her face, he knew she would be a great candidate for facials 101.
After all was done Samantha Reigns was accepted into the school and all was good with the world.

Date: ianuarie 24, 2023
Actors: Samantha Reigns

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