Brazzers Lexi Luna, Leana Lovings Lunch With The Steps.


Brazzers Lexi Luna, Leana Lovings Lunch With The Steps.

„She’s not much of a talker.”
That’s the least of your stepdaughter’s problems, Lexi.
Leana is downright weird.
But to be honest both of you are a little off.
Leana Lovings is Chloe’s classmate at college and also one of your neighbours.
And just to be neighbourly you invite Chloe and her boyfriend Apollo over for lunch.
Once they arrive however, Chloe and Apollo can tell that the vibes are strange during the meal.
Chloe excuses herself to use the bathroom and Lexi stands guard at the door.
Chloe informs Lexi that there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom.
Lexi solves that problem by furiously masturbating Chloe….which would probably make her wetter but I
While that is going on Leana Lovings decides to give Apollo a footjob which is interrupted by the return of Chloe and Lexi.
After lunch is finished Lexi suggests that they watch some TV.
Apollo and Chloe, under the cover of a blanket, are then masturbated by Leana and Lexi respectively.
Leana Lovings interrupts this by asking Chloe for some help with something outside.
She then proceeds to lock Chloe out of the house.
Of course all of this was a ploy to get Apollo alone with Lexi and Leana.
Once they get him alone they do the following to him: blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, and
missionary sex.
Throw in some female on female cunnilingus and that inspires Apollo to blow his load all over Leana’s face and glasses.
I wonder how pissed off Chloe is at Apollo when he finally leaves the house.
I know I’m pissed off cuz we never even get to see Chloe’s tits.

Date: iulie 11, 2022
Actors: Leana Lovings / Luna

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