Cory Chase – Free Use Family Sharing.


Cory Chase – Free Use Family Sharing.

Cory Chase and I walk into the bedroom together; She is wearing sexy, purple lingerie and it turns me on so much! It doesn’t take long for my sister to suck my cock to get me nice and hard first. Then I lean down and I start to eat her pussy out before I shove my hard cock inside of her pussy. I lean down to kiss her, as I thrust deep inside of her. Cory flips over into the doggy-style position and I start to fuck her tight pussy from behind. While I am fucking my sister, her husband walks in the door; He just got home from the gym! Cory invites her husband to join the party. Cory’s husband walks over to where Cory’s mouth is and he puts his cock in Cory’s mouth, while my cock is inside of her pussy. Luke wants to fuck his wife’s ass, so I move my cock over towards Cory’s mouth next. I watch Luke fuck his wife’s pussy and ass hole back and forth. We want to give Cory some double penetration, so we both fuck her pussy and her ass at the same time! We both keep fucking her holes back and forth for a while until we get close to cumming. I jerk my cock off into Cory’s mouth first, and then Cory’s husband jerks his cock off into her mouth next, and she swallows it all!

Date: martie 26, 2022
Actors: Cory Chase

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