Cory Chase in There’s No ”I” In Pregnancy


Cory Chase in There’s No ”I” In Pregnancy

A meddling stepmom, Cory Chase, keeps insisting that her stepson, Codey Steele, and his pregnant wife, Laney Grey, attend prenatal classes.
It’s clear that both Codey and Laney think that Cory Chase is a bit much but Cory seems oblivious to this.
In fact, Cory insists on showing Codey and Laney some techniques from when SHE took prenatal classes years ago.
Laney is annoyed, tired of Cory’s meddling, but is eventually convinced to go along with it.
Cory Chase tries to guide Codey and Laney through various breathing and massage techniques, but insists that Laney is doing it all wrong.
She shoos Laney away and takes her spot, nestling herself solidly between Codey’s legs with her back to his front.
Cory Chase guides Codey through a massage, getting him to use his hands all over her, which unexpectedly leads to a spark.
Laney notices this and becomes jealous, trying to get Codey’s attention but to no avail.
Fed up with everything, Laney storms away, leaving Cory and Codey alone together.Once alone, Cory and Codey become more intimate and aroused, while telling themselves it’s to prepare Codey for taking good care of Laney.
But, of course, they soon reach a point of no return…

Date: ianuarie 17, 2023
Actors: Cory Chase

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