CoupleSwapping Kira Noir and Bella Rolland Hungry for More.


CoupleSwapping Kira Noir and Bella Rolland Hungry for More.

Kira Noir and Dante Colle are looking to switch up their usual routine. Luckily, Kira has invited their couple-friends Bella Rolland and Ryan Driller over for a pot roast dinner! When Bella and Ryan arrive, Kira gets to work in the kitchen, while Dante plays the good host and entertains their guests on the couch. Something doesn’t seem right however. Bella’s confused, explaining that she and Ryan have already eaten. They weren’t expecting Kira and Dante to ACTUALLY cook for them. They’re in the mood for a different sort of meal. Bella and Ryan then drop a bomb on their friends, inviting them to couple swap. Kira and Dante are surprised but intrigued. SHOULD they do this? After some thought though, it seems like Kira and Dante are indeed hungry for more. Ryan and Dante trade places, embarking on a four-way adventure that’ll bring the night to a rolling boil. Even though pot roast is off the menu for tonight, these two couples can sure serve up a mean spit-roast!

Date: octombrie 3, 2022
Actors: Kira Noir

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