Cucked by Your Hot Wife – Alex Coal Part 2


“Hey hunny, how’s your blue balls? Oh they really hurt…. Good! [giggle]”
You’re hot wife is wearing a bodysuit that she looks perfect in, and she’s super happy about your agony.
“You know that guy with the huge dick that you watched cum all over my tits? You licked up his cum while you were in chastity…. Anyway, he’s coming back over and I’m super excited to fuck him in front of you.”
Her fuck buddy, Will Tile, shows up and she sucks his huge cock while you watch. Hot Wife makes you put your nose up against her pussy while she enjoys his giant cock. She reminds you that he has a real cock, and you don’t have anything worth her attention.
“Say it out loud. Tell us both as loud as you can that you aren’t aloud to cum in my pussy because your dick is too small. Now say it to yourself over and over, while you watch his big dick go inside my pussy.”
Hot Wife eyes light up when he slides inside her. She reminds you that you’ll never feel her pussy again. After she gets railed in front of you in a few positions, she tells him to fill her pussy with cum, then she makes you lick it out.
“Thank the nice man for fucking your wife so good. Remind him that he has a real cock, and yours is tiny in comparison…. Now go shove one of your toys up your ass and leave us alone.”

Date: ianuarie 15, 2023
Actors: Alex Coal

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