Dad Crush Mina Luxx – Home Run Dating Tips.


Dad Crush Mina Luxx – Home Run Dating Tips.

„Is my dad supposed to be showing me this?”
Stepdad, Mina Luxx, you meant to say stepdad.
Don’t want the credit card companies to come after us.
And since the boy you like stood you up and you have no practical dating experience who else better to show you what to expect?
He’ll rub your boobs through your top and eventually finger your pussy until you climax.
That’s first base.
The next day finds you in a better mood.
You don’t care about that mean old boy at school.
However, you are curious as to what happens on the second date.
Luckily your stepdad is available to show you how it works.
Taking out his cock you give him a handjob and a blowjob ending with an implied oral creampie.
That’s second base.
Later on that night you find out that your Mom is working late.
You decide that now is the right time to tell your stepdad that you have feelings for him.
And by gosh, he has developed feelings for you as well.
He even bought you a nice gift to celebrate your unique „relationship”.
Feeling immense gratitude for his gesture you decide to do something nice for him.
Those nice things include the following: blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggy style, and pronebone sex.
He cums in your mouth and you’ve skipped third base entirely. You’ve hit a homerun!
Good work Mina Luxx. You get to have sex and also not break your curfew.

Date: august 24, 2022
Actors: Mina Luxx

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