Daisy Lavoy, Ember Snow You Cant Learn This At School


Daisy Lavoy, Ember Snow You Cant Learn This At School

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Daisy Lavoy is super into her swap dad, Vince Karter. Eventually, Vince sends his swap wife Ember Snow to check on her swap son, Rico Hernandez. The moment Ember is gone, Daisy and Vince come together in a fierce embrace.
Ember Snow walks in on Rico masturbating. He claims he’s not feeling well. While Ember Snow is cleaning up his room, Rico fakes a fever with the help of a lamp. Telling Rico to take care of his „problem,” Ember Snow returns downstairs. She finds Daisy’s panties on the floor, which is the final straw for her. Returning to Rico’s room, Ember Snow leads him downstairs to fuck in cowgirl on the couch even as Vince eats Daisy out on the kitchen island.
When Daisy and Vince realize what’s happening, they relocate to the couch to turn their individual romps into a full-on swap family fuck. Daisy begins taking Vince’s cock in the doggy while Ember continues to dominate Rico. The girls swap partners and then climb aboard for some reverse cowgirl fucking. After sucking their juices from the D, they switch again. Rico bangs his swap mommy from behind as they stand, while Daisy spreads her thighs for Vince to give it to her on her back. Even as Vince fills Daisy with a creampie, Rico gives Ember the same treatment in doggy. Replete, the swap family revels in their newfound relationship.

Date: martie 26, 2023
Actors: Ember Snow

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