DickDrainers.com – Anal Nightmare – Liz Jordan.


DickDrainers.com – Anal Nightmare – Liz Jordan.

Liz Jordan has been so stressed out lately. Her friend Cathy is involved in sooooo much drama (like you would not believe), Liz’s ex „boyfriend” Jake is trying to creep back in the picture (again). And of course, there are exams. Because all good girls have to go to college right?
Exams are still on her mind after her long day hanging out with her other friend Marissa (who of course brought up Cathy’s drama). Maybe a long day at the mall after school wasn’t a good idea because Liz really has GOT to study. She doesn’t know anything going on in her Criminal Justice class.
Before studying though…Liz Jordan has GOT to close her eyes for a second. She and Marissa were walking around A LOT so she is kinda tired. And she had to fend off so many guys! Liz didn’t know her skirt was THAT short but she didn’t have time to change and the guys looking at her bubble booty bouncing around sure didn’t mind…especially that one black guy.
He was staring at her so hard. Liz Jordan swears she could see the imprint of his dick while he watched her. A print MUCH bigger than Jake’s. That’s why Liz didn’t give him her number. She can’t even imagine getting that thing inside her pussy….
But enough freaky thoughts. Liz is gonna close her eyes for a second and take a quick nap. She needs to relax.

Date: aprilie 20, 2022
Actors: Liz Jordan

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