Exploited College Girls – Alexis – This Exit Anal.


Exploited College Girls – Alexis – This Exit Anal.

So why should a girl this hot and with such an accomplished background be doing this you ask? Well, today’s ExCoGi hottie is very well-spoken and speaks more than a few languages fluently. She plays numerous musical instruments and teaches her skills to aspiring youngins in order to give back to her community. This girl’s very well educated and… Wait, I’m not making a very strong case as to why am I? Let’s just say this girl’s got an appetite for sex and anal at that. She’s done DP a few times in her personal life and enjoyed it. Don’t fret loyal fans, she’s already been back to take one in the pink and one in the stink for one debauchery of an Ass to Mouth analyzing of a good time and there’s more planned for this girl and her holes. I have to say this soft-spoken doe really surprised us because she doesn’t telegraph slutty and she sure as fuck doesn’t give off the ‘please do anything to me and my holes that you wish’ vibe. But once you start to peel back the layers of this girl you find out she likes to be face fucked and really prefers taking dick up her ass for some amazing anal orgasms today. This girl’s going places and I don’t blame Tyler at all for losing control and blowing his load all over those luscious lips of hers during the first position. You see he’s been sidelined with Covid for the last month and this was his first shoot back. If I hadn’t had sex either in over a month I would have lost it as well buddy. But of course, we are super pervs here at ExCoGi and we told her to keep all that ewwy gooey goodness caked on her slutty face for the rest of the shoot and like a good submissive she did as she was told. How do we clone you honey because she left all that yummy cum on her for over a full hour, then begged Tyler to fill her pussy pie full of his man cream for one epic scene? He did like the stud he is and let me conclude here by stating the obvious. This girl oozes sex and will make all of us want to learn a new language or two, or possibly take up a new instrument with lots of one on one instruction of course. So enjoy this one.

Date: aprilie 16, 2022
Actors: Alexis

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