Flourish Univ Ep 5 – Eliza Ibarra and Jax Slayer.


Flourish Univ Ep 5 – Eliza Ibarra and Jax Slayer.

Flourish University Episode 05 starring Eliza Ibarra and Jax Slayer with a guest appearance by Rory Knox has the group at the student lounge/pool. The girls are talking to each other wondering when professor Slayher will show up. Once he does he indicates that he only has room for one signee, Eliza. She immediately begins to suck his massive 10-inch thick black cock in the pool. Once they get going he wastes NO TIME in fucking her doggy style in the pool and standing up. He then takes her to the outdoor bed and begins to fuck her hardcore. She blows him and he goes down on her as well. They then go up to the gazebo area and have frantic sex and she squirts hard and loud. They walk around the premises fucking everywhere until they go inside to the study area and have sex on the bed and subsequently the shower. She then has another massive squirt moment in the shower sitting on him in reverse and he helps by pussy fingering quickly. To finish off he unloads in her mouth and she passes.

Date: aprilie 18, 2022
Actors: Eliza Ibarra

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