Gorgeous Redhead Accepts Sex Instead Of Cash.


This gorgeous redhead got into the Fake Taxi today wearing a bright yellow summer dress.

She was on her way to go shopping and told me her name was Kiara Lord, and she was from Hungary.
She told me she was boiling in the taxi, but both the AC and the windows were broken.

Gorgeous Redhead Kiara Lord had no cash, only a card, which I do not accept, so we were able to work out a deal.

She told me she was a sugar baby, and I told her for some sugar, she could ride for free.
I was real pleased with my investment when she took down the straps of her dress and showed me her big tits!
I pulled over for more payment, and showed her why they call me „Big D!”
Gorgeous Redhead Kiara Lord sucked my cock and after the blowjob, I fucked her pussy doggy style as she moaned how much bigger I was than her sugar daddy!
I made her cum so many times, then pulled out so I could cum on her ginger bush.

Date: septembrie 27, 2021
Actors: Kiara Lord

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