Jackerman Mother’s Warmth Chapter 2.

Jackerman Mother’s Warmth Chapter 2. Nine days have passed since Damon forced himself on his Mother (Claire) & face fucked her. Since then she’s avoided him but finally decides to confront him about it. When talking to him she realizes he can’t masturbate by himself & has only ever finished in his previous 5-year relationship or when he face fucked her on the trip recently. She tells him about a procedure he had to have when he was a baby to save his life that could of unknown side effects later in life. She realizes his inability to masturbate by himself is one of them. She tells him she can help him this one time tonight but tomorrow she’ll find a way to fix it. She takes his cock in her hand & starts giving him a handjob. She then licks his cock & kisses it before wrapping her huge tits around his cock & giving him a titjob. He eventually cums from the titjob, she quickly puts his cock in her mouth & swallows the remaining cum down her throat. She tells him she can do more to help him & tells him to lie down. She lies on top of him & puts his cock between the top of her thighs & starts grinding on his cock. She then gets on all fours & lets him hotdog her from behind but tells him he can’t put his cock inside her…he doesn’t listen. He rips off her thong & penetrates her pussy & starts fucking her doggy style until she stops saying they can’t do this. She looks over at his cock & realizes the pain he must be in, she gives in & tells him they can only do this once. She gets naked & lies back on the floor & invites him over. He takes her missionary style on the float fucking her pussy. She tells him to pull out when she senses he’s about to cum, he takes his cock out & cums all over her stomach & tits.
Date: aprilie 4, 2022
Actors: Jackerman

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