Kira Perez And Abby Somers Sharing Is Caring.


Kira Perez And Abby Somers Sharing Are Caring.

Girls are crazy. No, I’m serious, hear me out! My foxy little vixen Kira Perez brings me home to meet her stepmom, Abby Somers. Abby seems a little over-enthusiastic to meet me (Jay Bangher), hugs, smiles & all kinds of eyes. Whatever. Kira wants me to go to start a movie – which is code for putting something loud on so we can fuck. We’re getting it on, I’m tearing up her little pussy but she says she has to leave for a minute. Turns out her stepmom was curious about black guys. Not like what our experiences are navigating this cultural matrix or anything like that, but you know… my cock. The stereotype is true, at least in my case. You can tell how excited my girlfriend’s stepmom is when they come back into the room together. They share my dick, each taking a side & licking the shaft. We strip down Abby and I enter her with my big black cock, she starts creaming up right away. They make sure to take turns, sharing my fat meat as they lick each other’s pussies. They make a great team, both of them taking turns fucking me until they orgasm. Then they both service my dick until I cum on their faces. Something about curiosity & pussies…

Date: martie 26, 2022

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