Loni Filipina Strip Volleyball to Overwhelming Orgasm.


Loni Filipina Strip Volleyball to Overwhelming Orgasm.

This is one of the finest scenes depicting a beautiful woman in the orgasmic paroxysm that I’ve ever encountered. I know the woman is Loni Legend, but I don’t know the origin or original title of the scene. Despite a certain amount of searching, I haven’t found a better quality version.
Loni Filipina and her boyfriend play strip volleyball, which, given that she’s wearing nothing but a bikini, doesn’t last long. The sex is intense and the male is borderline brutal, with some slapping and spitting and quite a bit of female-on-male rimming. After going through most standard positions, the male cums in her mouth, but then continues to fuck her until she appears to collapse into a massive and disabling orgasm.

Date: martie 14, 2022

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