Lustery Luke And Baily Base Sex Drive.

Lustery Luke And Baily Base Sex Drive. There’s an insane sex drive and then there’s an insane sex drive – and in the case of Luke and Bailey’s third Lustery video, this is applicable in every way, both figuratively and literally. As the two head off on a sexy road trip, the ‘sex’ part commences long before they even think about pulling over with moan-inducing fingering, delicious oral play, and – yes! – even more. Considering that their first date involved going at it at 90mph down the freeway – and we mean actually going at it – this is nothing new for the fast-paced pair. Buckle up because you are in for a wild ride! In the car while driving, he touches her tits, she takes off her panties so he can rub her pussy, she masturbates, and he keeps fingering her. She pulls down his pants and gives him a blowjob, she climbs on top of him and they fuck while the car is running. With the car stopped and out of the car, she gives him a blowjob, they fuck doggy style and he cums inside her mouth, she swallows the cum
Date: mai 17, 2022
Actors: Baily Base

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