Madi Collins Help There’s A Fire In My Crotch!


Madi Collins Help There’s A Fire In My Crotch!

„It’s a huge fire!”
And with that declaration, Madi Collins has called the fire department to put her fire out.
Fireman Roman Nomar has arrived and determined that her fireplace is not a hazard.
He issues a stern warning about false alarms until Madi points out that the fire has spread…to her crotch.
He agrees that this could be a serious concern and that the fire should be dealt with.
Luckily he brought two hoses.
The one that sprays water is not right for this particular fire though.
Having ruled out Hose A Ramon decides on Hose B…the one that shoots fire crotch dousing cum.
Of course like any good fireman, Ramon has to use his hose to tame that fire.
And he demonstrates his hose skills thusly: blowjob, standing doggy, standing sideways, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl, and sideways sex.
Having beaten the fire crotch back a bit he conquers it with a dousing of cum thus ending Madi’s flammability…until the next time.
Damn….I shoulda joined the fire department…cool hats and pussy as a job perk.

Date: mai 30, 2022
Actors: Madi Collins

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