My Pervy Family-Armani Black: Mystery V-Day Present


My Pervy Family-Armani Black: Mystery V-Day Present

Getting stood up sucks, especially on Valentine’s Day – ESPECIALLY by your partner. When Parker Ambrose’s girlfriend bails on him to hang out with her friends, he is left feeling pretty down. He’s got presents to give and nobody to give them to! Turns out his sexy stepmom Armani Blace is in a similar situation too, with her man abandoning her on this of all days! But busty Armani seems to perk up when she notices the gift bag intended for Parker’s girlfriend. She reaches over to grab it, but Parker clearly wants to keep that private for now! When Parker’s girlfriend calls him and he leaves the room to speak with her, Armani the curious MILF can’t help but take a peek in the gift bag. Much to her delight, she finds a remote-control vibrator! She can’t help herself and just has to try it out, at least for a moment! She slides her red panties to the side and begins to glide them along her pussy lips, but then Parker comes back from his call – of course! Despite the momentary awkwardness, Parker’s stepmom convinces him to try and use the toy with her! Armani rubs her pussy with the vibrator while Parker jerks off & watches his stepmom. MILF Armani is impressed with her stepson’s size and wants to feel it in her mouth. She sucks Parker good and then penetrates her mature hole with his fat dick. Armani’s pussy creams up as she rides her stepson, feeding him her amazing tits at the same time. Still using his girlfriend’s V-day gift, Parker makes his stepmother have multiple orgasms as he rails her with his thick dick. Parker pulls out and cums all over his step mummy’s tummy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Date: februarie 21, 2023
Actors: Armani Black

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