MyPervyFamily Kira Perez Doin’ The Fiesta With My Stepdad.


MyPervyFamily Kira Perez Doin’ The Fiesta With My Stepdad.

I (Filthy Rich) fucking hate it when plans fall through. When the guys cancel our plans on Cinco De Mayo, I’m left home alone twiddling my thumbs, plus my wife – whom I’m in the dog house with… is out with the girls having her own party. But my luck all changed when my incredible Latina stepdaughter Kira Perez changes her plans just to cheer me up and put a ‘smile’ on my face. I did my best to put up a little protest, but she’s all dressed up in a skimpy top and non-existent skirt… then tells me she wants to ‘Fiesta’ with me! She keeps giving me panty peeks. She promises she won’t tell her mom so I spread her open and ravage her pussy, licking & sucking her clit until everything is wet down there. My stepdaughter returns the favor by throating my thick cock, lubing it up with her spit. She climbs on top and squeezes her tight little pussy on my fat meat. I fuck her hard, making her little teen ass bounce. She gets in missionary & lets her stepdaddy stretch her pussy out. Then I take her from behind making her orgasm & scream until I creampie her pussy and it oozes out everywhere. Happy Cinco De Mayo to you!

Date: mai 13, 2022
Actors: Kira Perez

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