NewSensations Keely Rose Welcomes Him To The Club


NewSensations Keely Rose Welcomes Him To The Club

Sexy big tit redhead wife Keely Rose invites her husband’s long-time friend Scotty into the room as she lets him know he missed his flight, but he can hang and wait for him there with her. This being the first time she meets him, digs in a little more on their history with the ladies and quickly tends to her agenda of sucking and fucking his big cock. Scotty was not down just yet as he was newly married and did not want to fuck her. But she said if not him then it will be someone else and with that Scotty had no choice but to stick it to Keely so at least she was in good hands and filled with good BBC cock and cum on her tits until her husband arrived early with a knock at the door! – INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Date: martie 14, 2023
Actors: Keely Rose

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