NotMyGrandpa Lola Fae Stepgrandpa’s Blue Balls.


NotMyGrandpa Lola Fae Stepgrandpa’s Blue Balls.

Lola Fae shows up at Grandpa’s house for a visit surprising the old man with how sexy the teen has become. After some initial story of Grandpa perving on the teen she heads off to bed. Grandpa comes in and can’t help checking out her sleeping body before pulling out his hard cock. She is startled awake but after brief conversation she is convinced to give Grandpa a blowjob. She sucks his fat cock until they decide to move to the bedroom and fuck. She climbs on top and takes his cock in her tight pussy. The switch to several positions including cowgirl, and prone bone causing Lola to cum and squirt on the bed. Finally grandpa finishes by cumming on her face and in her mouth.

Date: august 7, 2022
Actors: Lola Fae

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