Penelope Kay Im Gonna Buttfuck Your Teen Girl.


Penelope Kay, I’m Gonna Buttfuck Your Teen Girl.

One morning, John Strong comes down into the kitchen one morning and gets a call from his friend.
It’s revealed that his friend owns the house and John is staying there while on vacation.
In the nearby living room, John notices his friend’s teen, Penelope Kay, lounging on the couch. John hangs up the call and walks over to her.
John delivers a message from Penelope’s parents, reminding her she has to submit her applications for college.
Penelope Kay quickly changes the subject and asks John how long he’s staying. As they talk, it’s revealed that John was quite the player when he was young.
Penelope Kay has heard MANY stories of John’s wild and crazy days, including how he would fuck LOTS of girls.
John is caught off guard as Penelope Kay arousingly hints that maybe he should fuck HER. After all, she is young and hot and… very eager.
John hesitates- she’s his best friend’s teen and this would be a huge breach of trust.
At the same time, maybe she needs a good fucking to help her put some effort into her college applications…
John and Penelope decide to go for it, with Penelope getting both her holes filled as John takes his vacation into new, sexy territory.

Date: aprilie 7, 2022
Actors: Penelope Kay

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