Penny Barber – Training His Lazy Bitch Coworker.


Penny Barber – Training His Lazy Bitch Coworker.

The office is on minimum staff for another few months until it’s declared everyone can go back to work. Michael was selected to be one of the only two people to keep working in the office since he is the most productive and trustworthy employee in the company. However his coworker Penny was also picked and Penny does the minimum at work, especially when Roger the boss, that she has been flirting with SHAMELESSLY, is out of the office. Roger himself is gone for a few weeks and going to be promoted (mostly because of Michael’s productivity)
That is the reason Michael feels like he is definitely going to be the one to take Roger’s place. Except Penny has a different opinion. As she sits in her chair letting Michael do all work, she explains how she is SURE she has the promotion locked up. Michael has had enough and if she is going to be taking what he’s worked for, the least he can do is give her some training.
Michael offers Penny a beautiful expensive diamond topped pen as a gift for getting the promotion, it is so sparkly…Afterward, he can’t help but comment on how Penny dresses slutty to the office, and for some reason, her response is to show him what slutty really looks like. She then mindlessly masturbates while reciting a slutty mantra and enthusiastically masturbates.

Date: martie 27, 2022
Actors: Penny Barber

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