Princess Cum Alyx Star – Flavor Of The Month.


Princess Cum Alyx Star – Flavor Of The Month.

„I have an idea. This would be fun.”

Don’t leave us hanging, Alyx Star.
Please tell us, and your stepbrother Nathan, what your idea is.
Since you’re both going to the fireworks display with your parents tonight wouldn’t it be a hoot if Nathan came in your pussy during the grand finale?
Ok…that’s a weird idea.
So much so that it causes Nathan to do a spit take and soak your blouse.
Now you have to go get changed.
A little later on Nathan is cautiously making his way to the shower trying his best to avoid you.
I think you kinda creeped him out.
Just as he rounds the corner to go up the stairs he runs smack dab into those gorgeous big tits of yours.
Shit. Now he’s trapped. And fucked.
You won’t take no for an answer.
You need to see his cock.
And when you do see it you eagerly give him a blowjob and titfuck him.
You declare that this is a practice run for later tonight.
So the two of you continue to practice in the following ways: blowjob, sideways, standing doggy style,
cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex.
Nathan fills your pussy with his hot semen and the practice run is over.
You wonder aloud if being pregnant will make your tits bigger and Nathan realizes how fucked he is now.
Nathan…two words…restraining order.

Date: august 2, 2022
Actors: Alyx Star

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