PublicBang – Selva Lapiedra Anal on the Longboard


PublicBang – Selva Lapiedra Anal on the Longboard

PublicBang is a popular adult website that features a wide range of explicit content that caters to various sexual preferences. One of their most sought-after videos is the Selva Lapiedra Anal on the Longboard scene.

PublicBang - Selva Lapiedra Anal on the Longboard
PublicBang – Selva Lapiedra Anal on the Longboard

Title and Star Description

The title of the video, „Selva Lapiedra Anal on the Longboard,” already gives us an idea of what to expect. The scene features Spanish pornstar Selva Lapiedra engaging in anal sex while riding a longboard in public.

Selva Lapiedra is one of the hottest stars in the adult entertainment industry. With her stunning looks, curvaceous body, and incredible sexual prowess, she has captured the hearts (and libidos) of many fans around the world.


To give you an idea about PublicBang’s popularity and reach, here’s a table showing some statistics about their website:

Metrics Numbers
Monthly Visitors 9 Million+
Number Of Videos 530+
Video Quality HD and SD
Membership Plans $1 for a 2-day trial; $29.99 per month

Video Sex Scene with Position Description

In this particular video anal sex scene featuring hot ebony Selva Lapiedra Anal on The Longboard, she starts by teasing her partner as they are out in public with her longboard. Her partner cannot resist her seduction moves as she starts giving him head right there where anyone can see them.

After some time, he penetrates her anus while they are still outside but away from prying eyes. She then hops onto her longboard, still being penetrated from behind by him as they ride down an empty street road.

They continue having sex while riding down streets and hills until they finally reach their destination: a secluded park bench where they can finish up without interruption. The video ends with Selva Lapiedra receiving a facial from her partner.

The sex position used in this scene is the standing doggy style, which involves the woman standing while leaning over and the man penetrating from behind. It’s a great position for outdoor sex, as it allows for easy penetration and minimal movement.


If you’re interested in watching the full Selva Lapiedra Anal on The Longboard video, you can check it out on PublicBang’s website by clicking here.


The Selva Lapiedra anal scene on a longboard is one of PublicBang’s most sensational performances to date, and it’s easy to see why. The combination of Selva’s incredible performance skills and the unique location make this an unforgettable sexual encounter that will leave you breathless. So, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary to spice up your sex life, then head over to PublicBang and watch this scene now.

Overall, PublicBang has become one of the most popular adult websites due to its high-quality content that caters to a wide range of sexual preferences. With their vast collection of videos featuring top porn stars like Selva Lapiedra, they continue to attract millions of visitors every month.

Date: martie 31, 2023
Actors: Selva Lapiedra

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