RealityKings Selena Ivy Kiss Me I Squirt


RealityKings Selena Ivy Kiss Me I Squirt

Jmac and his buddy are on their way to the St. Paddy’s Day party when they spot a hottie in green having some car trouble and pull over to help. Selena Ivy’s bad luck is their good luck, because not only is she going to the same party, she’s looking for some dick! The horny long-haired brunette plays with her pussy in the backseat and starts squirting, and Jmac takes her somewhere they won’t be interrupted where he can fuck her, and Selena Ivy can squirt as much as she wants!
Tiny Miss Selena Ivy describes herself as a „jack of most trades, master of none,” although that’s not entirely true: this dark-haired Southern babe is a true master of squirting! It’s nearly guaranteed when Selena gets on set, you’ll be astounded at how much this tiny 4’10” hottie can squirt. Check out Selena’s scenes now as you watch her master all the finger points of the booty biz!

Date: martie 18, 2023
Actors: Selena Ivy

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