Scarlit Scandal And Alina Ali Swapping Lovers


Scarlit Scandal And Alina Ali Swapping Lovers

Scarlit Scandal checks herself out in a mirror, wearing lingerie and heels.
Suddenly, the doorbell rings, so she throws on her robe and excitedly goes to answer it, passing behind Seth Gamble, her workaholic husband.
She sneaks behind Seth and opens the door to reveal Alina Ali, her lesbian lover.
Seth is totally unaware as Scarlit Scandal leads Alina inside and brings her to a more private area.
It turns out that Alina and Scarlit have agreed to come clean to Seth about their affair.
However, just in case Seth takes it the wrong way and things get complicated- Scarlit Scandal wants to have one last secretive romp with her lover before they come clean and face the music.
They have sensual sex, including kissing, heavy petting, and pussy-eating.
After their sexual interlude, they decide to go speak with Seth, who turns out to be more supportive than Scarlit Scandal expected.
In fact, he asks if he could watch them as they explore each other’s bodies- that would certainly make him feel like more part of the process.
The girls agree and start fooling around in front of Seth, who watches with growing arousal.
And when Alina and Seth seem to be brewing a chemistry of their own, Scarlit Scandal grows a bit jealous, swapping her lover’s lips for that of her husband’s as Alina now watches supportively.
With all three of them now sufficiently aroused and intrigued, they decide that there’s no sense in keeping things from each other… including their bodies.
They join together for a steamy threesome that they’ll never forget.

Date: ianuarie 23, 2023

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