Shoplyfter Athena Heart – Meeting Halfway.


Shoplyfter Athena Heart – Meeting Halfway.

„That must be a big coincidence.”

It might be, Athena Heart, but Officer Calvin Hardy doesn’t think so.
He’s noticed a lot of credit card chargebacks recently.
And for some reason they all lead back to your cash register.
He’s convinced you must have some sort of recording device on you to obtain the credit card numbers.
A quick search of your clothes reveals nothing.
Even a cavity search leads nowhere.
Officer Hardy is perplexed as to how you did it.
Leaving you to stew in your juices he does some further investigation.
It turns out that the credit cards belong to your friends and roommate.
Despite your vehement claims of innocence he’s still convinced of your guilt.
Finally at his wits end he decides to call the cops.
Athena Heart beg him not to do that.
Officer Hardy proposes a deal that benefits both of you.
He’ll pull some strings with certain people at the store and the whole matter will be forgotten.
But it will come at a price.
Officer Hardy would like some quality time with you.
That quality time consists of: blowjob, standing missionary, standing doggy style, and cowgirl sex.
He gives you a facial and you finally confess that you did it and how you did it.
There ain’t no chargeback on what you just did, Athena Heart.

Date: iulie 24, 2022
Actors: Athena Heart

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