Shoplyfter Jade Valentine – The Religious Rebel.


Shoplyfter Jade Valentine – The Religious Rebel.

„I’m a Christian…I don’t steal.”

The problem is, Jade, that you did steal.
And now you’re lying about it.
Way to double down.
That leaves five more deadly sins to go.
Doesn’t seem very Christian.
Officer Vegas has detained you because you were spotted by a store employee stealing a
„personal massage” item.
After searching your purse he finds a vibrator…and some lube.
Praise Jesus!
You stole these items on the advice of a friend.
Kinda makes sense what with your Daddy being a strict preacher and all.
The sad part is now you’re facing a visit from the cops and some jailtime.
I’m sure your Daddy would love that.
However, Officer Vegas has a solution to your woes.
Despite being a dirty pervert he can act like a Christian and turn the other cheek.
Or, to be more accurate, if you do certain things for him…he’ll let you go free.
No cops. No ruined life. No pissed off Daddy.
And since Christianity is about giving of yourself…you give Officer Vegas the following: blowjob, standing doggy style, standing missionary, and standing sideways sex.
Officer Vegas anoints your stomach with his holy semen and you are a sinner no more.
He keeps your panties as a trophy and you get to keep the lube and vibrator to attain a better relationship with Jesus.

Date: iulie 31, 2022
Actors: Jade Valentine

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