Shoplyfter Nicole Aria The Beverly Hills Thief.


Shoplyfter Nicole Aria The Beverly Hills Thief.

„I see girls like you every week.”
No doubt Officer Magnum…no doubt.
However, Nicole Aria is a tad..different.
Sure, she’s a bored little rich girl living off of Daddy’s credit cards.
And yes she steals shit for a thrill.
And yes she’s got a million unpaid parking tickets.
But Nicole Aria has a fantasy.
That fantasy is getting caught.
Getting caught and having to weasel her way out of trouble.
Using whatever means available.
Having caught her with stolen clothes and sunglasses you can make her fantasy come true.
You have some conditions for this to happen though.
First off…you’re going to need to fill every hole she has with your cock.
And secondly…where you cum is gonna be a surprise.
Nicole Aria is down with that.
Those small details out of the way make her fantasy come true thusly: blowjob, standing doggy, standing doggy anal, standing missionary, standing missionary anal, standing sideways, and standing sideways anal sex.
And true to your word Officer Magnum you freely switch between orifices.
In the end, the surprise is an anal creampie.
Cum in your ass for some shirts and sunglasses. Seems like a fair deal.

Date: aprilie 8, 2022
Actors: Nicole Aria

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