Shoplyfter Octavia Red – The Red Handed Thief.


Shoplyfter Octavia Red – The Red Handed Thief.

„Why do you have two purses?”
That’s a damned good question, Octavia.
One for each lovely titty of yours would be my guess.
But the loss prevention officer wants a more valid explanation.
You claim you found it in the dressing room at the mall.
That is true.
And you swear that you were going to return it.
Problem is that the purse is loaded with jewelry.
Another problem is that the purse is part of a sting operation set up by the mall.
Just a little test to see how honest people are.
Upon searching you the officer finds $800 in marked bills in your shoe.
Uh oh.
That marked cash was planted in the purse initially.
You may tell the officer that you intended to return everything….but your shoe says otherwise.
He…is going to call the cops.
Maybe…he offers you a solution to end your potential legal troubles.
He needs to have some fun…with you.
Knowing that you have no other options you agree to the following fun stuff: blowjob, standing missionary, standing sideways, standing doggy style, and reverse cowgirl sex.
Some fake cum in your mouth and a real facial later you’re free to go.
Minus the purse and the $800 of course.
Considering where the cash was found..shouldn’t she be called The Red Footed Thief?

Date: mai 7, 2022
Actors: Octavia Red

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