Shoplyfter Penelope Woods The Hazing Ritual.


Shoplyfter Penelope Woods The Hazing Ritual.

„Oh wow! I’m so excited!!”

That’s right, Penelope Woods! You are the stores one millionth customer!
But….that’s not true.
Officer Nails told you that so he could get you to come to his office without a fuss.
And sadly Penelope Woods does this because you are a thief.
During the course of interrogation you admit to stealing a few little items of makeup.
But with good reason.
You’re a college student and pledging to the Alpha Gamma sorority.
The usual hazing pranks.
In your case, however, these pranks are illegal because you are stealing small items.
Officer Nails will have to observe due process and strip search you.
Things go ok until you take your skirt off.
Something doesn’t seem quite right.
Officer Nails notes that you have a makeup brush in your asshole…and your vagina.
Penelope Woods claim that they are yours and had no place else to put them.
This now requires him to do a cavity search.
Finding nothing else after digitally probing your anus and vagina he sits you and down an discusses the many ways you are now fucked.
No sorority. No college. No job. No future.
Unless…you indulge him in his love of college girls.
Being the smart girl you are you understand what you must do.
You gotta make the old perv happy.
You do that thusly: blowjob, standing doggy, standing anal doggy style, standing missionary, anal
missionary, reverse cowgirl, anal reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, anal cowgirl, standing sideways, and standing anal sideways sex.
Officer Nails cums in your ass and on your pussy and you get to continue living the college life.
Hell, you even get to keep the makeup brushes.
Boy…I hope she made it into the sorority. Alpha Gamma all the way!

Date: iulie 16, 2022
Actors: Penelope Woods

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