ShopLyfter The Panty Thief – Reese Robbins.


ShopLyfter The Panty Thief – Reese Robbins.

„That’s my dick.”

Nice try Reese Robbins.
That bulge in your shorts that the mall security officer noticed, is not your dick.
And when he begins the strip search he finds out what that bulge really is.It’s 15 pairs of stolen panties.
After the strip search is completed Reese Robbins admits that she stole the panties because she is having a rough time in life.
Her parents are getting divorced and apparently stealing shit makes her feel better.
I guess it’s cheaper than therapy. If you don’t get caught.
But you were caught.
It seems that the security officer is going through a divorce also.
The poor guy hasn’t been laid in six months.
He’s in a good mood despite this and is willing to let you go…for a price.
And that price is: blowjob, standing missionary, standing doggy style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex.
You gladly accept a facial from him and leave as a free woman.
You also leave with the 15 pairs of panties you stole.
I suspect that one or two of those will be used to wipe the cum off of your face.
Six months without sex? Pfffft…try six years. I’m never in a good mood.

Date: iunie 23, 2022
Actors: Reese Robbins

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