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Stunning hot teen Emily Willis was born in Argentina and grew up in Utah, where she used to enjoy going hunting and fishing with her father.
She graduated from high school a year early and did a stint at door-to-door sales.
When she started a relationship with someone in the industry, it was only a matter of time before this gorgeous girl graced our screens.

In her free time, stunning hot teen Emily Willis loves to be outdoors, on the beach or hiking, or even on runs.

She also practices yoga from time to time and still enjoys the outdoor life when she goes home for a visit.
After her tryst with Manuel, stunning hot Teen Emily Willis realizes something: Emily is a stone-cold slut.
And no matter how many life paths she chooses to follow, how many people might get in her way, nothing will ever change the fact that Emily will always fall enthusiastically into bed.
The only trouble now is containing that. (Spoiler alert: Emily lives happily ever after.)

Date: octombrie 2, 2021
Actors: Emily Willis

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