Summer Col in She’s Anal About Dipping Sauce


Summer Col in She’s Anal About Dipping Sauce

Summer Col is hungry.
She’s got one thing on her mind, and it ain’t pizza.
She’s after some big D, which Damion Dayski and Josh Rivers have plenty of.
When Summer’s dbag of a bf brings her out for dinner, he gives her some rude lip service that opens her mind to opening her mouth real wide for both the pizza parlor pervs that work there.
When her man takes off to hit the head, Summer Col gets on her knees to give some earth shattering head to both Damion and Josh.
Damion takes over and makes Josh mop up so that he can pound that sweet pussy.
When Summer’s man comes back and wipes out on the wet floor, Damion has the perfect opportunity to give Summer a hot combo of anal and pussy fucking that makes her shake and quiver all over.

Date: decembrie 23, 2022
Actors: Summer Col

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