Watching My Daughter Go Black Asia Lee


Watching My Daughter Go, Black Asia Lee,

Alex is sitting on the couch talking to his buddy Jax about life, his wife, and his stepdaughter Asia Lee. Then Asia Lee comes into the room and asked her stepdad if he could tell her about boys. Alex gets uncomfortable about that subject material and asks her to talk about it with Jax while he leaves the room to get something out of his car. Asia Lee know about boys but knew that the subject would make her stepdad Alex uncomfortable and knew he would run from the conversation. That was her plan to get Jax alone so she could bang him out. She grabs Jax’s big black cock and tells Jax who is better to educate her than her stepdad’s best friend. Jax saw the logic in that and put his cock in her mouth. Then Jax puts his cock inside Asia’s tight pussy when all of a sudden Asia Lee walked back into the room. Jax told Alex that he should sit there and watch to make sure he was teaching his stepdaughter correctly since they were best friends and all. So Alex watched as Jax banged Asia into orgasm after orgasm in a bunch of different positions. Then Jax busted his nut all over her face.

Date: martie 26, 2023
Actors: Asia Lee

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